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We are all called to follow Jesus with our whole lives. This is at the core of why Ascend exists. Throughout the three-month program there is opportunity to learn who God is and how we can relate to Him. You will be inspired to pursue what God has for you and seek Him in all areas of your life. This happens through conversations within the context of the community as well as personal one on one times with a mentor. Solo times are integrated into the program to provide time for self reflection and listening to the Lord.


Experience creation in an unbelievable setting on the edge of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. You will have the chance to see incredible places and try many adventurous activities. They can include: rock climbing, rappelling, caving, canyoning, whitewater canoeing, backpacking, hiking, ice climbing, mountain biking, and the tyrolean traverse. Be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually, as you grow closer to God and each other.



Learn to live in a tight-knit community. For many people it is their first real experience of a Christ-centered community, and it is usually the highlight. As you share in the activities, dive into the Word and experience life together, you will learn that we were made to live in community. It is a great environment for putting what we learn into practice; making our faith a reality.



Through various indoor and outdoor sessions we have the chance to dive into God's word and focus on what He is teaching us. Some sessions are topical and others are more exegetical, but they all have a purpose and inspire us to pursue God first in our lives. Some past sessions are: Lukewarm Christianity, Debatable Topics, Relationships, The Holy Spirit, Listening Prayer, Worship, Communion, 1 John, Galations, Malachi, Nehemiah, Experiencing God, and Creation Stewardship.



Everyone is a leader in some way or another. Both individually and as a team you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and grow in confidence in your ability. You will be learning to lead in a variety of settings including the outdoors. New this year we will be offering a certification from the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) in Leadership Level 1 Hiking. The OCC is nationally recognized and we are excited to be able to provide this course as part of the Ascend program.


As a way to put our faith into action, throughout the Ascend program we have the chance to serve Christ. This can happen on many different levels whether it is serving each other as brothers and sisters or serving the larger community. This has included work projects at nearby organizations, the local Church, people in the community, the food bank, and various inner city ministries. It is incredible how much we can learn when we become less focused on ourselves, and more focused on the needs of others.

  Our Mission:
"Using God's wilderness to reach, teach and train youth and adults for Jesus Christ."
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