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MAP – The Adventure Grows marriage enrichment weekend

Marriage Enrichment - MAP The Adventure Grows

What is the MAP?
MAP stands for Marriage Adventure ProgramTM - Unique marriage preparation and enrichment programs combining effective Bible-based counselling with interactive outdoor adventures. There are currently two different MAP programs: MAP - The Adventure BeginsTM premarriage weekend and MAP - The Adventure GrowsTM marriage enrichment weekend.


Why MAP?
The epidemic of dysfunctional marriages, broken homes and divorce is taking a heavy toll on the lives of individuals and their families across the nation. The MAP was created to try to address this problem in an effective new way.

The purpose of the MAP - The Adventure GrowsTM marriage enrichment weekend is to lead couples through experiences and training that can give them new insights about themselves as well as their spouse. It will challenge them in mind, body and soul and help to bring out the best and worst in them. It will leave them with a better understanding of themselves and their spouse and help them to see areas of compatibility and potential concern. It will give them guidance and tools to address issues of concern, as individuals and as a couple, and avoid preventable problems in their future life together.

The basic goals of the program are to:

Provide excellent, Biblically-based marriage counselling by employing experts in marriage and general counselling

Provide fun, challenging, safe and purposeful outdoor adventures that will promote good communication, cooperation, patience, understanding, teamwork, perseverance, encouragement, support and success

Provide an environment to foster effective learning and growth in a relaxing and inspiring place, away from distractions, where God can also speak through His creation


Where? - Frontier Lodge, in the amazing Rocky Mountains near Nordegg, Alberta

When? - October 24-26 2014 CANCELLED

Who? - For married couples who want to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures together and learn positive steps to grow their marriage. There is a maximum capacity of 7 couples per weekend.

How much? - $390/couple + GST (includes food, lodging and programming)

Program Highlights

  • Review the Biblical basis for healthy marriage and family relationships
  • Discuss habits to help you take your marriage to the next level
  • Explore opportunities to overcome challenges as individuals and couples
  • Discover startegies for coping with marriage and life challenges
  • Achieve greater oneness and bonding through shared experiences as a couple and with other couples
  • Receive guidance for future steps to take to build your relationship

This will be accomplished through...

  • Presentations, as well as group and couple’s sessions
  • Rock climbing! *
  • Ice climbing! *
  • Canoeing! *
  • Rappelling!
  • Orienteering!
  • Beautiful mountain scenery!
  • Lots of Fun!

* depending on the season

For more information, please contact us.

**Note: You will need to register each participant seperately.


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