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Thank you for your willingness to further the Kingdom of God through Frontier Lodge. You know, one of the things we need most here at camp is also the easiest for you to give; prayer. James 5:16 says, "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much". You can greatly affect our ministry here by simply remembering Frontier Lodge in your prayers. We sincerely appreciate your prayers. May God bless you as you remain faithful to him and his work both here but also around the world.


Frontier Lodge is continually in the process of developing many exciting new programs and projects. If you wish to support one of these programs or for more information please contact us directly or you can donate on-line by clicking on the image below.

Donate Now through

Area of Need

Value (approx.)

Purpose of Item




Camper Scholarship for First Nations Camp


Foundations are likely to match  funds we have already raised in order to support these kids through our camp




4x4 Maintenance Truck

Newer than 2003 in good condition

We're in need of a reliable truck to use on a number of projects at camp

Purchase of a used bus to replace our white van that is permanently out of commission.


We've found a good, used 24 passenger bus but need additional funds to purchase it.

Dump Trailer


Needed for site maintenance

Used Quad


This would be very helpful for trail and site maintenance


New tools: air nailer, drill(s), skill saw, heat gun ...etc

Please contact site team for more info on specific tool needs

Many of our current tools are old and/or not working. We are needing to replace those

Lawn Mowers (ride-on and push)

Ride-on: $2,000

Push: $500

Needed to keep our facilities looking sharp

Garage Door


For new storage building




We are in need of a newer microwave for our kitchen

Meat Slicer


There are safety concerns with our existing slicer, and it would be great to have a newer model to prevent injuries

Hot Table



Needed to ensure we are keeping our food within Food Safe temps while serving

Salad Bar


Needed to ensure we are keeping our food within Food Safe temps while serving

Hobart Commercial Mixer


We currently have an aged mixer that is showing signs of break down. We would love to have a newer model to make sure our kitchen continues to run smoothly

Main Lodge

Front Load Washer & Dryer


Used for all laundry from kitchen and main lodge. Front load are better for our lagoon and for the life of fabric

Commercial carpet for our multipurpose room in the main lodge



We are in need of carpeting to cover the existing cement floor.


Contact Management Software

$4000-5000: Setup

$800-900: Annually

Improve the way we keep in touch with our campers and supporters




































  Our Mission:
"Using God's wilderness to reach, teach and train youth and adults for Jesus Christ."
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