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Program Details

Program Details


Life Skills

Living and working together in community can be an amazing and challenging experience. During the Ascend program you will build lasting, meaningful relationships through working, playing and living together. Living in community is an amazing way to nurture the fruits of the spirit in your life as you learn how to live out your walk with Christ. Additionally, the new challenges you face will help you set and accomplish new goals, grow in self-confidence, and build character. You will also grow in Christ as you are given the opportunity to serve in ministry at Frontier Lodge and in the surrounding community


Leadership Training

Leadership skills are valuable in all areas of life. In the Ascend program you will be challenged to grow in your Leadership ability. You will be given opportunities to use the skills you learn to lead activities within your Ascend group on out trips and by helping in service around Frontier Lodge.


Outdoor Skills

While on the Ascend Program you will spend countless hours outside.  You will participate in both single and multi-day trips to go hiking, backpacking, caving, rock climbing, rappelling, ice-climbing, mountain biking, white water canoeing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. No previous experience in these activities is required.  Ascend aims to build a strong base for you to launch your outdoor pursuits, as you continue to find revelation in His creation.


In the Ascend program you will experience teaching in all forms. There will be some formal classroom time taught by multiple lecturers on topics such as discipleship, ecology and creation stewardship, and biblical studies. In class you will be challenged to think critically and to gain understanding of yourself, the world, and of God’s word. Throughout the program you will also learn to lead an effective bible study and share your testimony in a meaningful way. Hands-on teaching in all areas of life will happen throughout the program as you try new things, and are stretched to new limits.


Creation Stewardship

At Frontier Lodge we believe that all things are gifts from God and we seek to be good stewards of all that He has given us. Throughout the Ascend program you will be challenged to think about the daily decisions we make, and the impacts they have on God’s Creation. You will be taught low impact camping skills, and environmental values.



  Our Mission:
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