Wycliffe Adventure Race

Wycliffe Adventure Race

February 15-17, 2018

It's an adventure fundraising race with an eternal impact! You'll race in teams of four through the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

The race will include:

Summiting a peak

Ice climbing a waterfall

Snowshoeing through frozen creeks

Discovering a hidden mountain village

About the Race

Race to 2025 bridges the adrenaline of adventure sport young Canadians crave and the extreme adventure to which Jesus calls His Church—to make disciples of all nations.

Inspired by intense language survey trips conducted by Wycliffe linguists in remote regions worldwide, this race is hosted in the Canadian Rockies. Four-member teams race against time and other teams in demanding linguistic and summer mountain challenges, all in search of a remote ‘Bibleless’ tribe. Upon contact, teams share an ethnic meal with South American villagers who speak no English, conduct a simulated language survey and race to the finish with valuable linguistic data.

Prior to the race weekend, teams commit to raise a minimum of $2,000 per team ($500 per racer). Cool prizes are awarded for the most money raised and to the fastest team across the finish line. Each night, veteran missionaries engage racers' hearts and minds with captivating stories of lives spent serving God in tough places and help unlock the fascinating world of language and linguistics.

Lets Make it Happen!

For more information or to register a team please visit the Wycliffe website here, or to go direct to registration, click here