Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Summer Camp will need to look a little different this year. We are working on developing a plan to run outdoor adventures in a way that keeps everyone safe. More details will be coming soon.


It's only $15 and you can sign up during registration.  If you have registered for the one-way shuttle from Red Deer, please check-in at the Crossroads Church parking lot between 1:30-2:00 on the first day of camp. If you would like to register for the shuttle email bookings@frontierlodge.ca or give us a call at 403-721-2202.


For those who prefer to not use the Red Deer shuttle, drop-off is between 4:00-5:00 PM at 

Frontier Lodge.

For pick-up at the end of the week, join us for a BBQ lunch and short awards ceremony at 12:30 PM. Come and see what we've been up to all week!

Wondering what to pack? Click HERE to find out. 


30 or more days before the start of camp or with a physician's order, all but $50 is refundable.  

Less than 30 days before the start of camp,

all but $100 or the 50% deposit (whichever

is less) is refundable.

Substitutes are not permitted. No refunds will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals or early departures. 

**In the event that Summer Camps are cancelled due to COVID-19, full refunds will be issued.





$395 +GST ($415 after May 1)
JULY 12 - 17

Fill your days in the pine-scented mountain air and spend your evenings playing games with friends and enjoying the campfire!  We’ll keep things safe as we introduce you to mountain biking, give you a taste for rock climbing and rappelling, and take you on a whitewater adventure. You belong here this summer!


You’ll Experience:

  • Trying out your paddle strokes in your canoe

  • Introduction to mountain biking

  • Getting a taste for rock climbing and rappelling on real rock.

$395 +GST ($415 after May 1)
JULY 19 - 24

It’s time to go caving, start paddling in whitewater, and delve deeper into mountain biking and climbing! Our leaders will help you stay safe while we have fun in the mountains. Getting outside is worth it!

You’ll Dig into:​

  • Your climbing skills; learn to belay and master rappelling at new heights

  • Exploring your first cave!

  • Taking your canoe on a whitewater river adventure

  • Exploring new trails on your mountain bike

$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)
JULY 26 - 31

As water rushes beneath your boat, and ospreys soar above your head, we will coach you in a safe environment that integrates instruction, feedback, and fun. The river is a great place to learn about yourself, community, and God. Creation is our backyard, and we want you to come and enjoy it with us! 

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Demonstrate basic river signals

  • Maneuver through class I & II rapids

  • Practice proper self-rescue in Class I water

  • Understand and practice the following paddle strokes: Forward & Reverse, Draw, Pry, River J-stroke

  • Forward & reverse ferries

  • Demonstrate proper technique when launching and landing

  • Properly fit and size paddles and PFDs, and understand basic clothing needed for a day trip

  • Learn and demonstrate outdoor living skills on a rafting overnight adventure

$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)
JULY 12 - 17

Step into the wilderness and follow ancient trails past soaring mountains, bright wildflowers, and clean alpine streams. Five days without distractions or pressures from the outside world will give you the chance to learn and grow, and make new friends. With our staff coaching you along, you will learn outdoor living skills, navigation and have opportunities for leadership.

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Travel through a mountain pass, camp near alpine lakes and streams and explore the backcountry

  • Introduction to map and compass navigation

  • Learn how to prevent and treat blisters and hot spots

  • Practice Leave No Trace principles to steward our backcountry areas

  • Safely light a fire and cook over it; understand appropriate situations for fires

  • Practice proper food sanitation and personal hygiene in the backcountry

  • Learn how to select and set up suitable campsites considering the use of durable surfaces, location of water sources and arrangement of sleeping, kitchen and cathole areas.

$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)​
JULY 26 - 31

Ready to see the Canadian Rockies from a higher perspective? At Rock Climbing Camp you will spend 5 days meeting new friends, receiving one-on-one coaching, and of course, climbing! With real rock under your fingers and the sun on your back, you will learn the fundamentals of rope handling, climbing safety, and movement skills. Discover what adventures in creation can show you about yourself and God!

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Introduction to hazard evaluation and risk management

  • Understand personal climbing equipment

  • Develop basic movement skills

  • Introduction to top rope climbing

  • Consolidate tying in and belaying skills

  • Learn and practice climbing communication calls

  • Learn and practice rappelling

  • Introduction to lead belaying

  • Introduction to lead climbing, as appropriate.

$395 +GST ($415 after May 1)
AUGUST 2 - 7

You’re ready for “The Big Rappel,” a whitewater adventure, and flowy mountain bike trails! Star-studded skies and purple-grey peaks will be your backdrop. Our well trained and knowledgable staff look forward to going on new adventures with you.


You’re all set to:

  • Apply your outdoor living skills in new ways as you and your cabin enjoy either a rock climbing or canoeing overnight adventure

  • Take on “The Big Rappel”

  • Mountain bike on new trails and see new places

  • Get out and climb! Are you ready for your first lead?

$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)
JULY 12 - 17

 We believe girls are more capable than they may think. Our excellent female instructors are invested in empowering young women through outdoor adventures. Come spend a week trying out new skills in an encouraging environment. This camp is for girls of any skill level who are ready to team up and venture beyond their comfort zone. 

MT. BIKING LEVEL 1 (13-17)
$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)
JULY 26 - 31

New or interested in getting into mountain biking? Ready to ride some single-track trails? Learn fundamental bike handling skills while our instructors teach you safe and fun riding techniques through personal coaching and daily instructional times.


Skill clinics and coaching will teach you about fundamental mountain biking skills such as:

  • Braking

  • Proper cadence

  • Terrain awareness

  • Climbing and descending positions

  • Bike mechanics

  • Riding easy to medium difficulty cross country and downhill trails


  • Rent one of our mountain bikes for free!

  • No specific mountain biking skills required: if you’re comfortable riding a bike for an extended period of time up and down hills, you’re good to go!

MT. BIKING LEVEL 2 (14-18)
$415 +GST ($435 after May 1)
AUGUST 2 - 7

So, you’ve got your fundamentals down and now you’re ready to take your bike new places. Keep shredding with us! Each day will include instruction and coaching, and our staff will make sure your skills are challenged while keeping things safe. In the evenings we will hone your skills on the bike course, learn about bike maintenance, play games and hang out at the campfire.

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Riding on the dual slalom course

  • Confidently riding medium difficulty cross country trails

  • Riding the flow trail

  • Advanced body positioning through steeps and corners

  • Learn to flow on moderate all mountain and downhill terrain

  • In-depth looks into line choice both up and downhill

  • Progress toward moderate technical terrain features such as: intermediate drops and jumps, tabletops, medium doubles, hip jumps, steep rolls

  • Bike mechanics


  • The majority of our time will be spent on medium difficulty cross-country trails and downhill trails, as well as on our dual slalom course and flow trail


Riders coming to Keep Shreddin’ Camp should be able to use these skills on single track terrain:

  • Proper braking technique

  • Proper cadence

  • Terrain awareness

  • Climbing and descending positions

  • Ride easy technical terrain features


Bike Requirements:

  • Option 1: Bring your own bike, being sure that the quality is at least as good as the Rocky Mountain Growler 20

  • Option 2: Rent one from us for the week for only $98

$940 +GST ($995 after May 1)

Come to S.A.L.T. ready to grow in your leadership ability and faith. Over three weeks you will grow in confidence through outdoor training and experiences, and you will be given responsibility to lead others. At the end, your experience will wrap up with a capstone trip. Our 1:4 staff to student ratio ensures that you will receive one-on-one coaching and feedback.  At S.A.L.T., you are more than a camper. You are a leader preparing to take on all that God has for you.

You will not only be challenged to grow physically but spiritually as well.


The following activities will be used to develop

your leadership skills, and to open your eyes to the glory of God:

  • Rock Climbing

  • Multi-day Overnight Trips

  • Whitewater Rafting

  • Rappelling

  • Canyoneering

  • Mountain Biking

  • Backpacking

  • Caving

  • Tyrolean Traverse

Leadership and spiritual development initiatives

will include:

  • Solo day

  • Testimonies

  • Bible Studies

  • Leadership Project

  • "Leader for a day" Training

  • Team building activities

This is a life changing experience that will impact you for years to come. Come experience God to the fullest.

Note: Applications must be reviewed before registration can be processed. 

JULY 6 - 10

Inviting all First Nations youth! Come for a week filled with great friends and big adventures. You will try out new experiences like mountain biking, rock climbing, and whitewater paddling. Throughout the week our staff will teach, coach and encourage you every step of the way. You belong here this summer!

You’ll Experience:

  • Introduction to mountain biking

  • Getting a taste for rock climbing and rappelling outside on real rock!

  • Trying your paddle strokes in your canoe

  • “The Shunda Creek Canoe Adventure”: explore Shunda Creek, try building a fire and cooking over it, and build your own shelter

  • Swimming in the evenings

  • Campfires next to the lake


We invite First Nations senior high to join us for a week of fun and adventure! You'll learn to belay while rock climbing, take on new trails on your mountain bike, and experience exploring a cave. After your day adventuring, head back to camp, swim at the lake and enjoy an evening campfire.  Getting outside is worth it!

You’ll dig into:

  • Your climbing skills; learn to belay

  • Exploring your first cave!

  • Taking your canoe on a whitewater river adventure

  • Taking on new trails on your mountain bike

  • “The Big Rappel” -- you’ve got what it takes!

  • Swimming in the evenings

  • Campfires next to the lake

JUNE 29 - JULY 3

(403) 721-2202


Box 1 

Nordegg, AB 

T0M 2H0

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