November 4-6, 2022 


Come and join us for an impactful weekend with other women as we seek the Lord together and adventure in His incredible Creation.  This is one of our favorite weekends of the year and we thank the Lord in advance for how He will minister to us this November!

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Guest speaker: Dr. Megan Roberts

Megan (Ph.D. McMaster) is a professor of Old Testament at Prairie College, in Three Hills, Alberta. In addition to her love of teaching the Old Testament, Dr. Roberts has recent experience teaching high school philosophy and geometry, taught high school and middle school Bible and choir in Cambodia for five years, and was a Cross-Country and Track Coach substitute teacher for two years. She has extensive experience in landscaping, enjoys climbing mountains in her spare time, and is involved in her church in various ways.

"What comes to mind when I think of Megan: the words determination, courage, spirituality, leadership, pastor. She is a born leader who has been able to consistently take on tasks that are risky and yet wise. She is one who thinks and breathes theologically and spiritually: her priorities and worldview are deeply shaped by her walk with God and her love for His kingdom" - Dr Mark Boda. 

Redeeming OUR Story 

Redeemed Memory: Telling our truer story

"Some of my most treasured memories from my childhood are those that include stories. Stories were read to me, recounted at the dinner table, repeated around summer campfires, and books were re-read too many times to count. Humans are storied creatures. In every time and place, we humans have known ourselves and our place in the world by telling stories. Stories explain our experiences, connect us to our communities, and shape our understanding of reality. Stories are powerful and determine whether or not we have hope, purpose, and meaning for our lives. Given the power of stories, it's not surprising that so much of the Bible is narrative. As Christians, we affirm that this story is the best and truest story; it's the redemption story through which we come to know all truth, goodness, and beauty. What, then, does it mean for our individual stories to be told rightly? What does it mean for our stories to be redeemed in light of the truest story? In a world so full of sin and suffering that saturates our memory, what does it mean for God to redeem our memory so that we tell a truer story? Isaiah 40–55 will be our guide as we consider together what redeemed memory is and why we so desperately need it." - Megan Roberts

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Who: Ladies ages 16+

Where: Frontier Lodge, in the amazing Rocky Mountains near Nordegg, AB.

Cost: $265.00

Arrival & Goodbye: Arrive at 6 pm on Friday and Leave on Sunday at 1:30 pm.


Adventures: Enjoy a community hike to fossilized corals, a canyon traverse or a full day caving adventure! 

Starlight Night Hike: Bring your flashlight or headlamp, warm layers, and your snow boots!

Worship: Praise God together for all He has done in our lives.

Fresh Menu: Nothing brings people together like good food!

Art Tutorial Sessions: Relax and enjoy therapeutic art with our experienced art teachers. 

What to bring: Warm waterproof layers (top and bottom), lace-up sturdy shoes for hiking, wool socks, mittens, toque, warm base layers, an insulating layer (fleece, down, synthetic, wool, etc.), comfortable clothes to move and relax in, inside shoes/slippers, bedding (pillow, sleeping bag/blankets), water bottles, backpack (for adventures), Bible and journal.