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The most important way you can participate with us in this ministry is by joining us in prayer for all of our participants and staff. God is at work here both in us and in the lives of each person that comes to Frontier Lodge. Thank you for your prayers!

As a non-profit charity, we depend on financial donations throughout the year from people like you for capital projects, staff salaries and funding for our First Nations programs. Donations may be earmarked for the general fund (to be used where most needed), our First Nations programs, summer camp scholarships, or for specific staff members. If you have a preference for where you would like your donation to be allocated, please let us know (for more information about each fund, please see below). 


Frontier Lodge is a registered charitable organization, charity #118933530. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20 in February of each year.


E-transfers can be sent to

Be sure to include your address, email or phone number in the comments box so we can get in touch with you and mail you a donation receipt in February. 

U.S. donors

Donors from the US can receive a tax receipt by following the link below. Please indicate any special designations for your donation in the comment box. 

VISA/ Mastercard

To donate with a VISA or MasterCard, call our office at 403-721-2202.  


Automatic Bank Transfer

To set up a monthly automatic bank transfer, please fill out this form and mail or email it to us along with a void cheque. 


Donations that go to our general fund pay for everything required to make the camp run. This includes food and kitchen supplies, office supplies, equipment, and small projects. 


We are excited to be able to work with First Nations communities and have been running two weeks of summer camp specifically for First Nations youth. The entire cost of these camps is covered by generous donors like you. That makes it possible for those First Nations youth to be able to experience the joy and excitement of summer camp each year! Many of these youth keep coming back each year and when they age out, they lose that connection. With that in mind, we are starting a First Nations weekend retreat this coming spring. Your donations to our First Nations Programs will help cover costs and make it possible for many to have positive life-changing experiences here at Frontier. 


Currently, the capital project we are fundraising for is new housing for the Directors of the Explore program. The upstairs of this house is creatively laid out with three separate spaces that can function as individual units or combined to become a larger unit. The basement is a three-bedroom family suite that will be used for Frontier Lodge Staff. Any donation noted as "building fund" or "directors housing" will be designated to that fund. 


We strive to keep our summer camps affordable to everyone. However, some families cannot afford the cost of camp, but we still want them here! The Summer Camp Scholarship fund has been set up to give these youth the opportunity to come to camp in spite of financial difficulties. 


Staff members are paid a small living allowance and are expected to raise the remainder of their salary from home churches, friends, and family. Supporting a staff member is an awesome opportunity to be directly involved in the life of a camp family, who otherwise may not be able to afford to be here long-term.

At Frontier Lodge, everything we do supports our core purpose of inspiring people to experience and know the goodness of God. We are faith-based, Christ-focused, and exist to serve others and change lives. Thank you for the part you play in this vital and fruitful ministry.


You can mail us a cheque to PO Box 1, Nordegg, AB, T0M 2H0. If your contact information is not included on the cheque, please include a note with either your email or your mailing address. 


You can easily make online donations through Canada Helps.