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Core Purpose 

Cultivating kingdom leaders 

Frontier Lodge is a partner with Prairie College in the Explore Program. Explore is a wilderness-based college program that blends strong academics, leadership development, and discipleship training that encourage growth in confidence, character, community, and faith. The program is offered in partnership with Prairie College in Three Hills, AB. It is a one-year certificate program that can lead to a two or four-year college degree.

Creation as a Classroom

• Backpacking to get away from everyday distractions

• Rock and ice climbing to push us out of our comfort zones

• Mountain biking for a chance to lay it all on the trail

• Caving to help us understand the value of light

• Skiing to encourage perseverance towards excellence

• Wilderness survival to help us redefine the limits

• Canoeing to help us respond to a changing environment

Intentional Community

• Addressing interpersonal conflict, accountability, and communication

• Building community through relationship and trust

• Promoting leadership development

Academic Preparation

• Biblical studies to keep us centered on Jesus

• Arts & Sciences to broaden our understanding of the world around us

• Practical application so that we can be effective wherever we go


Professor of Outdoor Leadership / Program Director – Explore


Professor of Outdoor Leadership / Program Director – Explore

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