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Core Purpose

Cultivating Kingdom Leaders 


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  • Group Debriefing: Learning from Experience

  • Teaching Lessons & Bible Studies

  • Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Conflict Management

  • Relationship-based Leadership

  • Responding to Failure

  • 22 weeks at Frontier Lodge in the Canadian Rockies, taught with an experiential learning format.

  • 6 weeks on Prairie College Campus focused on Bible and a classic college experience.

  • 50 Days of outdoor adventure experience and training including: backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, ice climbing, whitewater canoeing, winter survival, backcountry skiing, Search and Rescue, and more.

  • Specialized training in Experiential Education Methods.

  • 4 Outdoor Leadership courses integrated with Biblical principles focused on preparing students for transformational and transactional leadership.

  • 6 courses focused on Biblical and Theological knowledge and application.

  • Fully accredited Certificate in Outdoor Leadership.

  • Industry-standard certification courses in Search and Rescue, Wilderness Medicine, Field leading, and more.

  • Regular, individualized coaching and mentorship.

  • Student practicums where students use their skills and run adventure programming for outside groups.​​

In just one school year, spend 22 weeks in the mountains at Frontier Lodge developing leadership skills like communication, decision making, problem-solving, and conflict management. Receive expert coaching in 6 different outdoor sports, and come away certified in Search & Rescue, Adventure Medicine, and more.

Spend the shoulder seasons on Prairie College Campus. In Prairie’s classic college setting, deepen your faith through classes about the Bible, Theology, and the Global Church.

For over 20 years, the Explore Program has cultivated Kingdom leaders prepared for a variety of vocations.


Explore is offered through a partnership between Frontier Lodge and Prairie College, and can be taken as a 1, 2, or 4-year college program.

The Explore Program is a unique leadership incubator in the Canadian Rockies.

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