Summer camps


info 2022

We are very excited for this upcoming summer and to go adventuring in our backyard with you! 

“Overnight Camps” are open! Drop your kids off for a week full of adventure, friendship, and fun. Pick them up at the end of the week and listen to all of their amazing stories about camp.

Arrival: 4 PM on the first day

Depart: After lunch on the last day - 1 PM

*Bike camps are still open to families to come for the whole week with their campers. See bike camp details below for more information.                                    

We are aware of the Covid-19 situation and how regulations can change as time goes on. Please stay tuned for further updates more information will be provided as the year goes on.


We offer a shuttle for our overnight camps from Red Deer, AB to Frontier Lodge on the first day of camp. We do not offer a shuttle back to Red Deer at the end of the week.

Who: Bike Camps, Adventure, Whitewater, Backpacking, Climbing, and Indigenous camps.

When: Drop off time is between 12:30- 1:30pm

Where: Cross Roads Church, Red Deer, AB

Registration for the shuttle is on the camp registration form. 

Please email if you would like more information. 


If cancelling 30 days or more before the start of summer camp you will receive a full refund. If cancelling your booking less than 30 days before the start of your booking you will receive a refund to an amount determined by our discretion. In the event that Frontier Lodge cancels an event, your full payment will be refunded. 

Substitutes are not permitted. No refunds will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals, or early departures. 

**In the event that Summer Camps is canceled due to COVID-19, full refunds will be issued.

Bike Camp Details

Come join us for an amazing week of biking and adventures!


Arrival: 4 PM on Monday

Depart: After Breakfast on Saturday (or Friday night if preferred)

Option 1: “Overnight Camps” are our traditional camp experience.


Option 2: Come with your camper to Frontier for the whole week. For more information about family style bike camp click here.

JULY 11-16
Bike Camper: $490 
Family Member: $360 
Family age 6 and under: FREE

New or interested in getting into mountain biking? Ready to ride some single-track trails? Learn fundamental bike handling skills in a group while our instructors teach you safe and fun riding techniques through personal coaching and daily instructional times. Biking together can form new friendships, new skills and a greater love for being in God’s creation. Come experience a fun activity while being surrounded by awesome people and explore our backyard.

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Braking without skidding

  • Proper cadence

  • Terrain awareness

  • Climbing and descending positions

  • Simple Bike mechanics

  • Riding easy to medium difficulty cross country and downhill trails​ (green to blue single track)

  • Front-wheel lifts and rear wheel lifts


  • Participants should be comfortable riding a bike for an extended period of time up and downhills.

  • No specific mountain biking skills are required. 

Bike Rentals: 

  • Rent one of our mountain bikes for free!

  • If you bring your own bike, be sure that the quality is at least as good as the Rocky Mountain Growler 20​

image (33).jpg
MT. BIKING LEVEL 1.5   (AGES 11-16)
JULY 11-16
Bike Camper: $490 
Family Member: $360 
Family age 6 and under: FREE

Level 1.5 is new this year! You have your fundamentals down and now you are ready to take your bike to new places. Keep shredding with us! Each day will include instruction, bike coaching, a teachable moment related to creation and faith. Our staff will make sure your skills are challenged while keeping things safe. Come enjoy a week biking in our backyard.

Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Body positioning - more vertical and lateral movement

  • Cornering techniques

  • Roll downs 

  • Small drops

  • Seated pedaling wheel lift

  • Climbing for technical terrain

  • Riding medium difficulty blue single track


  • Riders should be able to comfortably do all of the skill outcomes for level 1 bike camp. 

  • Riders should know and be able to demonstrate the climbing position, neutral position, and ready position.

  • Riders should be comfortable riding easy to medium difficulty blue single track.

Bike Rentals: 

  • Rent one of our mountain bikes for free!

  • If you bring your own bike, be sure that the quality is at least as good as the Rocky Mountain Growler 20​

Bike Camper: $490 
Family Member: $360 
Family age 6 and under: FREE

You’ve been biking for several years and are very comfortable with intermediate bike skills. In level two, you will get lots of mileage on blue and black trails every day. You will also receive teaching and coaching on the more technical parts of our bike course: jumps, drops, and tabletops, etc. This week is more than just growing your bike skills, it is an incredible opportunity for community, personal growth, and understanding of who you are in Christ. Come experience sweet bike trails in God’s rad creation.

​​Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Riding on the dual slalom course

  • Confidently riding challenging blue trails and easy to medium black trails

  • Advanced body positioning through steeps and corners

  • Learn to flow on moderate all-mountain and downhill terrain

  • In-depth looks into line choice both up and downhill

  • Progress toward moderate technical terrain features such as intermediate drops and jumps, tabletops, medium doubles, hip jumps, steep rolls, etc. 

  • Intermediate Bike mechanics


  • Riding Level: We ask that campers are comfortable riding any blue trail and easy to medium black trails.

  • Fitness: Participants should be able to pedal 10-15km in a day. 

  • Riders should be able to consistently, comfortably, and confidently do all of the level 1.5 skills and ride easy technical terrain features (jumps, drops, tabletops, etc.). 

Bike Details:

  • Bring your own bike, being sure that the quality is at least as good as the Rocky Mountain Growler 20​

JULY 18 - JULY 23

The river is a great place to learn about yourself, community, and God! You will have the chance to experience a four-day raft trip on the amazing Kootenay River. The Kootenay River is an incredible mix of rapids, blue water, bald eagles, and scenic canyons. Also, enjoy sightseeing halfway through the trip at the incredible Pedley falls, a 100ft tall waterfall that flows down the side of the canyon into the Kootenay River. In rafting, you will experience fun water, games, and team-building experiences. We love how rafting facilitates teamwork and authenticity!


​​Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Forward and backward strokes

  • Swimmer safety

  • River reading and hydrology 

  • River signals

  • Backcountry skills: lighting stoves, packing for an overnight, purifying water, etc. 


Enjoy incredible days on the river! Creation is our backyard, and we want you to come and enjoy it with us!

JULY 18 - JULY 23

If you're interested in learning more about rock climbing and how this relates to trust in God then this is the camp for you. We cover a wide range of skills over the course of this four-day camp, all with the intent of introducing youth to the sport, and setting them up for a future of competence and safety.


We cover the following skills:

  • Top rope belaying

  • Fitting harness and helmet

  • Basic anchor theory

  • Introduction to cleaning anchors


Let us introduce you to one of the many mountain sports our staff are passionate about.

JULY 18 - JULY 23

Interested in spending four days hiking in the mountains, sleeping under the stars, and traveling into the spectacular alpine? During backpacking camp, you will learn basic backcountry skills so you will have all the tools you need for your future backpacking endeavors. We love the opportunity that backpacking provides to foster a healthy community on the trail, around the fire, and on the mountain peak! Come experience God’s beautiful creation and reflect on His goodness while backpacking in our amazing backyard! 

​​Skill Outcomes & Clinics:

  • Lighting a backcountry stove

  • Purifying water

  • Setting up Tents & Tarps 

  • How to make a bear hang

  • Hiking techniques


Let us introduce you to a whole new window of views and possibilities with backpacking skills!

IMG_1007 (1).jpg
JULY 26 - JULY 30

Are you looking to get a taste of all the activities? Come to adventure camp! Experience rafting, biking, and climbing. Experience flowy mountain bike trails, sunny days on whitewater, and real rock under your fingers! We love how our various adventures facilitate deeper conversations about identity and God’s goodness. Our staff will teach, coach, and encourage you throughout every step of your adventure. You belong here this summer!


Inviting all Indigenous youth! This week of camp is filled with fun adventures with your cabin. Spend the days in God’s creation rafting, canoeing, climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. Then spend the evening playing wide games, singing at campfire, and chatting with new friends. Come join us for an amazing week in the mountains!